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Here at A&R horse shelters, we are your local specialist in horse and farm shelters, with over 20 years experience in the steel industry.
Every structure that A&R Horse Shelters builds has been carefully designed and built focusing on style, durability, creating an impressive environment for your horses and functionality.
Here at A&R Horse Shelters we understand that a horses safety is paramount for both the horse and handler. Our shelters are built with horses in mind in regards to being chew proof, non-slip, rub resistant or just plain “horse sense”.
We are constantly researching for improvement that can be made along the way. we source all our materials locally to meet the needs of the equine community.
Here at A&R horse shelters we have the skills to be able to cover all aspects of the process from planning, designing, prefabrication to construction. whether you choose one of our standard shelters or tweak it to meet your needs we will work with you though the entire process.
At A&R Horse Shelters we will continue to strive and be committed to our clients. we provide equine facilities and accessories that are the safest, strongest, most durable and best value for money for our clients. We are not and don't want to be the biggest, we may not be the cheapest but we intend to be the best.

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Welcome to the Family


Owner & Operator

Andrew works day and night to make sure A&R Horse Shelters produces the very best product that not only looks great but is safe for horses. Andrew is constantly developing the A&R Horse Shelters products with up to date safe and durable products that will last the test of time and of course horses. Andrew started this  business to bring in a safer product that is long lasting and after seeing many shelters on a lean he wanted a product that wouldn't be leaning in 5, 6 or 10 years time. You can contact Andrew anytime.


Owner & Manager

Renee is the one behind the computer screen. If you any questions, Renee is your go to girl. She works day and night behind the scenes and keeps the owner in line to make sure that A&R Horse Shelters are number 1 in the shelter business.

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Here at A&R Horse Shelters we designs, engineers and constructs a wide range of equine facilities.

Our range of products and services include:

  • ​stable panels

  • Single shelters 

  • Double Shelters

  • Gable yard shelters

  • Tack room add ons. 

A&R Horse shelters has 5 self imposed criteria that all its products MUST meet:

1. Is it as safe as it can be?

2. Will it stand up to the treatment that horses will give it?

3. Does it represent value for money?

4. Is it the best of its type?

5. Does it look Great?

We expect ALL our products to meet no less than 5 out of 5, every time.

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